Top 5 Reasons Coconut Water is Good for You

Coconut water is everywhere these days. You have probably heard some buzz about it or noticed it in your grocery store, but you may be surprised to know some of the benefits it offers!

First of all, what exactly is coconut water? It’s a clear liquid that is found inside young, green coconuts. Sometimes it is confused with coconut milk, but the two are quite different – especially in their nutritional values! Read on for more about why coconut water is a healthy food.

#1: Coconut water is full of electrolytes
The cells in your body use electrolytes for many different functions and when you exercise, your body loses electrolytes in your sweat. Coconut water is a great way to ensure these electrolytes are replenished and remain balanced.

#2: Coconut water is extremely hydrating
Coconut water has been proven to be as effective as sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade for rehydrating the body after heavy exercise. As an added bonus, it has much less sugar than typical sports drinks!

#3: Coconut water has even more potassium than bananas
Many North Americans aren’t getting enough potassium from their diets. It’s a mineral that is crucial for many bodily functions (including building muscle), so coconut water is one way to make sure you get your daily fill of potassium.

#4: Coconut water is a source of vitamins and minerals
A cup of coconut water contains approximately 17% of the recommended daily value for manganese, 15% for magnesium and 10% for vitamin C.

#5: Fresh coconut water is a source of antioxidants
Because coconut water is rich in enzymes and amino acids, it has antioxidant properties which could be beneficial for the body.

How did we become such fans of coconut water? In creating our Thai Coconut Curry soup, we wanted to incorporate the flavor of coconut – but using coconut milk meant the soup would have higher levels of fat than we wanted. Using our creative problem-solving skills, we decided to use coconut water instead. Because it is low in sodium, fat free and has a low glycemic index (so it doesn’t cause a spike in your blood sugar when you consume it), coconut water was the perfect alternative to coconut milk. You don’t notice any difference in taste, but it’s a much healthier option!