Interview with Smart Soup’s Anne Chong Hill – Part 2

Anne Chong Hill at Spain's largest fresh food market, the Mercado Central in Valencia, Spain.
Anne Chong Hill at Spain’s largest fresh food market, the Mercado Central in Valencia.

We’ve got more to share from our interview with Anne Chong Hill, the president of Global Gourmet Foods. Read on to find out how she comes up with exciting new recipes, and how you can make an easy and satisfying meal for your family using Smart Soup!

Anne, tell us about where you draw inspiration for the recipes you create for Global Gourmet Foods.
Almost all of the recipes for our products are created by me, and I rely on my memory to create flavors from past eating experiences. Quite frequently, I harken back to the tastes of various herbs and spices I enjoyed as a youngster. Keeping in touch with trends and consumer food preferences is also important when I’m creating recipes. From time to time, I get inspired by what I eat in a restaurant, and have been known to adapt my recipes as a result of a dish I’ve had while dining out!

How are you inspired by your world travels?
I travel widely and have visited almost all the continents. The highlight of my travels always tends to be spending time in markets and grocery stores, where I can feast my eyes on the unique food items available on the shelves, deli cases and in the fresh produce section. I find it exciting to discover a new fruit or herb that I have never tried before!

What is your favorite healthy meal to make for your family?
There is no single favorite meal as I like to ensure all of the meals that I cook are healthy. When cooking protein, I choose very lean cuts of meat or opt for fish. The key to making a basic protein more interesting is by enhancing the flavor with herbs and spices. Of course, simmering a sauce slowly also helps to bring out the richness of the ingredients and create stronger flavors. I know my family appreciate this!

Which flavor of Smart Soup do you like most?
They are like my children, so I can’t choose just one! All joking aside, I truly love all the seven soups as each flavor reminds me of different memory from my childhood in Brunei.

How do you turn one of your Smart Soups into a main meal? Tell us your tricks!
I like to add a protein to any of the soups for dinner. With the Thai Coconut Curry, I often add a few prawns or pieces of fish as it is a perfect base for these types of seafood. I love adding lean roasted pork to my Santa Fe Corn Chowder. But our soups don’t have to stay in the bowl! They can also be used as a sauce to give a completely new flavor to a meal. I’ve found the Indian Bean Masala goes great over grilled chicken. And tofu or grilled fish topped with a reduced Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass broth is delicious – you have to try it!

Anything else you would like to share with your customers?
My family and I have created this line of Smart Soup for you to enjoy, while at the same time enhancing your health by eating right. I developed these soups for my own needs and I am so grateful that we are able to share them with you and your family. Enjoy and be Healthy!