Praise for Smart Soup: Product Review

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Over the past month, we have been working with influential bloggers and online media to introduce them to the flavours of Smart Soup. Below is a glowing review from Vera Shiminksy of Give Oh Giveaway. Thanks Vera!

The Smart Soup Review
October 29, 301

Canned soup is not my thing. I love home made soups so that I know the exact ingredients I am adding. If you have ever looked on the label on canned soup you see just now many additives and preservatives are in there. The sodium alone is outrageous.   So when  I came across a company called Smart Soup I was excited.

I was very impressed on the taste. I actually was a bit skeptical on what these soups would taste like but I was proven wrong. I could not have made a better soup. The taste was flavorful and best of all it was fresh. To my surprise my kids even liked the Greek Minestrone.

Smart Soup is a line of 7 delicious soups that are created with healthy lifestyles in mind.  The best part is that even though these soups are healthy and good for you, there is no skimping on taste or quality.

Smart Soup has real ingredients, is gluten free, is vegan and vegetarian, is an excellent source of fiber, has no preservatives and is certified by the American Heart Association.  This means that these soups are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium.

Smart Soup comes in single serving packages so they are ideal for kids lunches, a meal on the go or a quick and healthy dinner.


The types of soup that they have in their line is amazing!

  • French Lentil- delicious Lentil soup made with Navy beans, tomatoes and authentic Moorish spices.
  • Greek Minestrone-Greek Minestrone is a hearty minestrone soup with plum tomatoes, cannellini beans, Mediterranean spices and herbs.
  • Indian Bean Masala- Made with Ming beans and an exotic tomato broth.
  • Moroccan Chickpea- Created with a savory broth, chickpeas, vegetables and authentic North African spices.
  • Santé Fe Corn Chowder- A hearty New Mexico soup made from a zesty combination of black beans, corn and southwestern spices.
  • Thai Coconut Curry- Red curry cooked with coconut water and crunchy Asian vegetables.
  • Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass- Made with carrots, Asian vegetables, lemongrass, curry spices and coconut water.

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