Smart Soup launches in Northern California Whole Foods stores

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We are excited to announce our Smart Soups are now available in 36 Whole Foods stores in Northern California. Since our initial product launch in all U.S. SuperTarget Centers just over two months ago, we have received rave reviews and have been working hard to bring our exceptionally healthy soups to a larger audience. With the arrival of Smart Soups in select Whole Foods stores, we are doing just that!

“We are thrilled to be able to bring our vegan, gluten-free soups to Whole Foods customers,” says company president Anne Chong Hill. “These soups are an excellent option for people who want to eat more healthfully, and are ideal for those with special dietary needs due to health concerns like heart disease, diabetes or Celiac disease. They will be able to enjoy our entire product line, from the familiar Santa Fe Corn Chowder to the exotic Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass and everything in between!”

All seven of our global flavours will be available at Northern California Whole Foods outlets. Keep an eye out for these when you’re shopping in the freezer section:
French Lentil – Traditional lentil soup braised with tomatoes, navy beans and authentic Moorish spices
Greek Minestrone – A rustic, hearty minestrone with cannellini beans, plum tomatoes and Mediterranean herbs and spices
Indian Bean Masala – A heart-warming soup simmering with magnificent mung beans in a rich, exotic tomato broth
Moroccan Chick Pea – A sweet and savory stew blending chick peas, vegetables and authentic North African spices
Santa Fe Corn Chowder – A classic New Mexican soup with a zesty fusion of black beans, corn and southwest spice
Thai Coconut Curry – A fragrant traditional red curry cooked with coconut water and crunchy Asian vegetables
Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass – A lively puree of carrot and Asian vegetables, infused with aromatic lemongrass, curry spices and coconut water

To find out which Whole Foods locations are carrying our product, please visit our store locator.