REVIEW: Gluten-free, vegan gourmet soups

We’re so excited by the glowing review of Smart Soups from Terri’s Little Haven.

Gluten-free, vegan gourmet soups | Smart Soup
Terri’s Little Haven

I have been trying a large variety of different Smart Soup flavors for the past month, and each one has impressed me. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from the vegan gourmet soups, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t expecting it to be so tasty. After trying the soup, I set about trying to find a store in our area that sells the Smart Soup and I was happy to note that all of the SuperTarget stores carry this brand.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I really began to see Gluten-free products and come to understand what this means: we have a gluten intolerant family member. I never realized how many people have celiac disease and have to watch what they eat. Smart Soup is aware and they have created gluten-free, vegan gourmet soups, with flavors from around the world. No matter where a person lives, there is bound to be a soup you love. I live in boonesville Georgia and I’ve tried all but two flavors and love them all. I like having a wide diversity of meals from all over the world to chose from.

Soups like the New Mexican, Santa Fe Corn Chowder. Bursting with flavor, this is one of my favorite choices in the Smart Soup line.

The French Lentil is another favorite of mine.

The Greek Minestrone is packed full of delicious cannellini beans, plum tomatoes and a variety of Mediterranean herbs and spices

From the freezer, to the microwave, to the table, you can have a hot, flavorful, gluten-free, vegan meal, in less than 5 minutes

Everything you want to know about Smart Soup can be found on the website.
Things like… What makes Smart Soup so extraordinary?

I could go on and on about each and every soup and how healthy a fluten-free vegan diet is, but, instead I’ll direct you to the website so you can decide if your favorite soup in included in the many, all natural, no preservatives, vegan and gluten free varieties.

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