REVIEW: The Healthy Shopper


The Healthy Shopper recently reviewed our Smart Soup product line and gave it four stars and a thumbs up! Read on to find out why.

Review: Smart Soup
December 2013

 Smart Soup

Overall RatingSmart Soup


  • No preservatives or additives
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • Low-sodium
  • Gluten-free

Would we buy it?  Yes
Retail Price:  $4.99
Where can you buy it?  Grocery Stores
To learn more:  Smart Soup

Our Opinion

It can be difficult to find balance between a quick meal and a healthy meal, but Smart Soups help bridge that gap. This great-tasting line of single-serving frozen soups is an excellent choice when rushed mornings and busy evenings mean healthy food preparation is easily forfeited. Instead of turning to the drive-thru, Smart Soups provide a nutritious, low-sodium and conveniently packaged meal that is ready in just a few minutes. Too often pre-packaged soups can lose their ‘freshness’ – soggy vegetables the giveaway that the soup is not homemade. However, Smart Soups fool your tongue (and perhaps some dinner guests), disguised as a fresh homemade meal; the veggies stay true to their form, maintaing structural integrity and pleasurable crunch.

Smart Soups are available in a variety of interesting worldly flavours: French Lentil, Indian Bean Masala, Greek Minestrone, Moroccan Chick Pea, Santa Fe Corn Chowder, Thai Coconut Curry, and Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass. Made with whole foods and free of preservatives, additives, artificial flavours and colours, Smart Soups are a great way to stay healthy, even if you can’t dedicate too much time to the kitchen.