Message from Anne: From Our Family To Yours


Happy Monday! Here’s a personal message and health tip from Smart Soup’s President Anne Chong Hill:

Hi Smart Soups Lovers!
Admittedly with all of my recent travels, I have been indulging in a handful of international foods causing me to side track from my regular diet and routine. After seeing the additional unwanted pounds on my scale, I decided that I needed to get back on track with the Smart Soups while still incorporating various flavours from my travels. The good thing about our line of Smart Soups is that we have a total of 7 international gourmet flavours that make cooking a little more interesting!

For dinner, I personalized the Thai Coconut Curry Smart Soup by adding 3 chunks of fish, several hand-picked cherry tomatoes from my own garden, Thai basil and half of avocado. The final result? A NEW exotic recipe that coats the avocado pieces with a zesty lime flavour while the Thai basil adds to the richness of the overall dish. I ate every last drop and didn’t have to feel guilty about all the calories! Enjoy a different flavour everyday and show us some of your creative ideas!

– Anne Chong Hill, President of Smart Soup