7 Days of Smart Soup – Greek Minestrone Zucchini Pasta


One more day till the weekend meaning that’s one more day closer to Christmas! As the holiday festivities continue, most people would agree that it’s quite difficult to stick to a “healthy” meal plan. We on the other hand, don’t think it is completely impossible. Take our Greek Minestrone Zucchini Pasta recipe as an example!

Our Greek Minestrone Smart Soup is known to have a combination of cannellini beans, juicy plum tomatoes, carrots and celery, all infused in a homemade vegetable stock. This rustic, hearty soup is flavoured with Mediterranean herbs and spices, making this a perfect minestrone to serve by itself or in this modified recipe.

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We used the Greek Minestrone Smart Soup as a pasta base and added some zucchini to give the pasta more flavour and texture. Depending on your preference, spaghetti or penne pasta will work with this dish. Heat the soup up and mix in the cooked penne pasta. To top it off, add some mozzarella and/or parmesan cheese to it. This Mediterranean-style family staple will be a hit at your holiday parties.

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