7 Days of Smart Soup – Santa Fe Corn Chowder Quesadillas


Looking for a quick and delicious appetizer to satisfy the crowds at a dinner party? Why not give our Santa Fe Corn Chowder Quesadillas a try! Ideally served with a couple fresh dipping sauces – or by itself, this cheesy appetizer will definitely be a crowd favourite.

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The Santa Fe Corn Chowder Smart Soup is packed with black beans, sweet corns and is flavoured with various southwest spices. As we have mentioned before, corn provides a rich source of fiber, vitamins A, B, E, iron and other essential nutritive minerals. With the addition of black bean, which is also high in finer and contains phytonutrient content, this Santa Fe Corn Chowder Quesadilla dish will be perfect for those needing an extra protein kick!

We heated up this classic New Mexican soup and dried up most of the liquids before putting it in a tortilla wrap. Sear the tortilla wrap in a pan with some butter to add some flavour and crunch. Top it off with a dollop of sour cream and salsa (guacamole if you have any lying around ;)) and it’s ready to be served up! This zesty fusion is perfect to serve as a dip for nachos or in this case, as the filling for quesadillas. Enjoy :)

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