7 days of Smart Soup – Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass Risotto


If you’re a fan of the sweet, creamy flavours in a butternut squash risotto, you’ll definitely want to try this recipe out! Best served as a side dish or as a main entrée, this redefined Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass Risotto will be the star of your holiday meals.

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Our Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass Smart Soup is often praised to resemble a butternut squash soup. This lively puree of carrots and Asian vegetables is infused with aromatic lemongrass, curry spices and coconut water making this Smart Soup one of our all-star favourites. Taking note of its consistency being very similar to a classic butternut squash soup, we decided to replicate the recipe of a butternut squash risotto but instead, replacing the butternut squash base with our vegan, gluten free Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass Smart Soup.

In order to control the texture of the Arborio rice, we cooked the rice and soup separately. We added Parmesan cheese in the softened rice to give the risotto a creamy consistency. This recipe does require a bit of attention as you have to continue stirring the rice as you add the soup in a little bit at a time. When you see that the rice has been coated with the Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass Smart Soup, add a bit of extra cheese to bond all the ingredients together. There you have it! A delicious Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass risotto that is perfect for the dinner table.

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