7 Days of Smart Soup – Indian Bean Masala Wrap


Needing a quick and easy appetizer for that holiday pot luck you forgot about? Here is a protein-rich recipe that is super simple to whip up. Inspired by the classic bean burritos and na’an bread wraps, try putting together this Indian Bean Masala Wrap recipe!

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Using mung beans as the key ingredient, our Indian Bean Masala Smart Soup is packed with vegetables that are simmered in a rich, exotic tomato broth. Though our line of Smart Soups are all vegan and gluten free, beans actually pair really nicely with beef and/or chicken. In this specific recipe, we used beef briskets to bulk up the ingredients in this tortilla wrap.

Before piling in the ingredients, heat up some butter and sear that tortilla wrap until it is a bit crispy and golden brown. To make the wrap filling, combine the ingredients from the Indian Bean Masala Smart Soup and add in our lightly seasoned beef briskets. Cut up some fresh lettuce and add it in the wrap for more bite. To seal all the ingredients together, sprinkle some shredded cheese before wrapping it up. That’s it! Super quick and delicious recipe you can easily put together before any party. Enjoy!


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