General Questions

  1. Your packaging has the term “natural” on it. What does that mean?
    All ingredients used in our products are derived from natural sources (i.e. not artificially or chemically derived). Also, our products do not contain any preservatives.
  2. What does “kettle cooked” mean? Kettle cooked means the ingredients are cooked in a steam jacketed kettle, which is a large pot heated by steam to cook the ingredients inside the pot.
  3. Do you use iodized or non-iodized salt in your products?
    We use sea salt in all of our products, which is non-iodized.
  4. Are any of your products soy-free?
    All of our products are soy-free except for the Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass soup, which contains soy beans as one of the ingredients.
  5. Are your products kosher?
    Our products are not kosher certified.
  6. Are your products halal?
    Our products are not halal certified.
  7. What allergens do your products contain?
    All of our products are free of allergens except for the Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass and Thai Coconut Curry soups. Both of these two products contain coconut water and natural coconut flavor. The Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass soup also contains soy beans.
  8. How do you ensure you comply with your gluten free product claim?
    We ensure all food contact equipment is swabbed prior to production for allergens (including gluten) and verified by Quality Assurance. We have external lab tests verifying the gluten levels are well below 10 parts per million. In addition, no gluten products are produced on the same day that we produce gluten free products.
  9. Are these products made in a factory that is nut free?
    No, these products are not made in a factory that is nut free. In our facility, we have ingredients containing coconut, pine nuts and walnuts. However, adhering to the standards of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program, we have implemented Allergen Control Protocol to prevent the cross-contamination of  allergens,
  10. Do your products contain peanuts/traces of peanuts? Are they made in a facility that processes peanuts?
    No, our products do not contain peanuts/traces of peanuts. Our facility does not process peanuts.
  11. Where is Smart Soup made?
    Smart Soup products are made in our HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Certified processing facility in Richmond, B.C., Canada. HACCP Certified facilities go beyond inspecting finished food products and actually help to find, correct, and prevent hazards throughout the production process. This ensures the highest level of food safety is met.
  12. Where can I get more information about your company?
    Please visit us at www.globalgourmetfoods.com.
  13. Where can I buy Smart Soup?
    The entire Smart Soup product line is now available in all U.S. SuperTargets. As of November 2013, the full line of products will be available in Whole Foods stores in Northern California. The Santa Fe Corn Chowder will be available as a club pack at select Costco stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Use the Store Locator to find a retailer nearest you.
  14. Can I buy Smart Soup directly from you?
    We do not currently sell directly to the public.
  15. How do I get Smart Soup into my grocery store?
    Please email us and also let your local grocery store manager know you would like to see them carry the line of Smart Soup products.
  16. Is it safe to microwave your product in the plastic sleeve it is packaged in?
    Yes, it is safe to microwave the product in its plastic sleeve when the heating instructions on the label are followed. The packaging material is designed to withstand typical consumer microwave usage for the purpose of reheating packaged food products.
  17. I have a product suggestion. Who may I direct it to?
    Please visit www.thesmartsoup.com/contact-us and submit your feedback via the form provided. We appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us.
  18. How long will your products keep in the freezer? The products are good in the freezer up to the “Use By Date”, which is printed on the plastic sleeve the product is packaged in, and the product box.
  19. How long will your products keep thawed in the refrigerator?
    It is recommended that our products be kept in the refrigerator at a temperature of 40°F/4°C in its original, unopened packaging and consumed within seven days.

Product Specific Questions

Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass

  1. The Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass soup lists “natural coconut flavour” as an ingredient. What exactly is that?
    The coconut flavour is derived from a natural source, not an artificial source.

Greek Minestrone

  1. What are cannellini beans?
    Cannellini beans are a variety of white beans that are popular in Central and Southern Italy. These beans are also commonly referred to as white kidney beans. There is generally no allergen concern with this ingredient.


Indian Bean Masala

  1. What are mung beans?
    Mung beans are a legume that is widely used in Asian dishes, such as soups and desserts.

Thai Coconut Curry


  1. The Thai Coconut Curry soup lists “coconut water concentrate” as an ingredient. What exactly is that?
    It is a concentrated form of natural coconut water sourced from Thailand.