Our Products

With the many health issues connected to the amount of sodium we consume - obesity, diabetes, heart and stroke disease etc… Smart Soup products contain 400mg of sodium or less.

Smart Soup products follow a strict gluten-free recipe that will allow you to experience flavours from around the world while remaining gluten free.

All of our soups contain no cholesterol which is usually associated with cardiovascular disease. We want everyone to enjoy our soups without having to worry about their hear health.

Our vegetarian soups highlight the unique taste of each delicately picked piece of produce to create a gourmet delight that your taste buds will enjoy.

Our chefs find alternatives for producing rich flavour without adding unnecessary fat. Foods that are high in fat tend to increase the risk of heart disease, which is why all our soups have 3 grams of fat or less.

All of our soups are made with carefully selected, natural ingredients that contain no added colouring or artificial flavour. Based on an all natural vegetable stock, our soups have outstanding organic taste.