Interview with Smart Soup’s Anne Chong Hill – Part 2

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Anne Chong Hill at Spain's largest fresh food market, the Mercado Central in Valencia, Spain.
Anne Chong Hill at Spain’s largest fresh food market, the Mercado Central in Valencia.

We’ve got more to share from our interview with Anne Chong Hill, the president of Global Gourmet Foods. Read on to find out how she comes up with exciting new recipes, and how you can make an easy and satisfying meal for your family using Smart Soup!

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All Natural: What Does It Mean?

Grocery shopping can be quite an adventure, with so many different terms found on product labels. In this second blog post in our series decoding food labels, we’re going to decode the term “all natural”. This term is commonly used, but what does it really mean?
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3 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Promote Heart Health

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healthy lifestyle

Believe it or not, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t all hard work and sacrifice! You can easily improve your cardiovascular health by adding certain foods – delicious foods – to your diet. Read on for the top 3 easiest ways to promote heart health (one of them involves chocolate!)
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Top 5 Reasons Coconut Water is Good for You

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Coconut water is everywhere these days. You have probably heard some buzz about it or noticed it in your grocery store, but you may be surprised to know some of the benefits it offers!

First of all, what exactly is coconut water? It’s a clear liquid that is found inside young, green coconuts. Sometimes it is confused with coconut milk, but the two are quite different – especially in their nutritional values! Read on for more about why coconut water is a healthy food. Continue reading…

Meet Smart Soup


Hello blogosphere! For our inaugural blog post, we would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit about the company behind Smart Soup.

We are a family that has always been passionate about food. Back in 1988, we saw a void in the market for quality packaged food, so we founded Global Gourmet Foods. We have remained a family business and have expanded to produce soups, sauces and entrees for popular restaurant chains and grocery retailers in Canada, the U.S. and Japan. Some of our products have even been featured in Bon Appétit magazine!
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